Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is our primary service that we offer at Agate Exteriors. We install metal roofs on residential and commercial projects. At Agate Exteriors, we make it as easy as 1-2-3!


#1 Pick an Installation System

Overlay Metal Roof

Layover Option

Tear Off Metal Roof

Tear off Option

Foam Vented Deck

Ice Dam Destroyer

Our most popular and economical option. Underlayments are installed over existing roofing. If multiple layers roofing exist, roofing is removed and underlayments installed. Vented roof deck is installed to prevent ice dams. Insulation can be added for energy efficiency.


#2 Pick a Product

Classic Metal Roof

Exposed Fastener

Nailstrip Seam

Standing Seam


Metal Shingles

Exposed fastener metal roof is our most economical choice. Standing seam metal roof is our most popular choice. Metal shingles are beautiful and are our premium products we install.


#3 Let Us Get to Work!

Roof Machine

Forming Panels

Metal Trims

Bending Trims

Standing Seam Install

Installing System

Onsite metal roof forming machine. Custom trim fabrication. Professional metal roofing installation.