Agate Exteriors, LLC – 10 Year Limited Warranty

General: The warranties specified herein shall not deprive the owner of other rights the owner may have under the manufacturer’s warranty for products, and shall be in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty of their product used in project.
Agate Exteriors, LLC shall be expressly responsible for the repair of leaks for a period of two (2) years from when repair was done, and period of ten (10) years from when replacement was done. This is a “workmanship warranty” where the fault is due to the installation by Agate Exteriors, LLC. Labor and materials will be covered if the materials are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. The extent to the amount of materials that will be covered at the expense of Agate Exteriors, LLC, shall be determined by Agate Exteriors, LLC.
(1): Repair or replacement shall include any leaks due to the defects in workmanship on metal flashing, panel products, and/or sealing of accessories. Leaks caused by standing water on the roof from the result of an ice dam, or acts of God are excluded.
(2): Upon notification of leaks or defects, Agate Exteriors, LLC shall make an inspection of the work, and if it is found to be a defect in workmanship or the result of products (metal flashing, sealants, drip edge) used in the process of the project, then all necessary repairs shall be made at Agate Exteriors, LLC’s expense. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to notify Agate Exteriors, LLC in a timely fashion. If after inspection, Agate Exteriors, LLC can state that the leaks had been leaking for an extended period of time, then Agate Exteriors, LLC will discuss with the owner as to how he will proceed.
Nothing in this warranty shall construe liability of Agate Exteriors, LLC for defects or failure of product as covered in separate manufacturer’s warranty, nor shall it be the responsibility of Agate Exteriors, LLC to supply the labor for a manufacture warranty claim without compensation by either the manufacture or owner.
Agate Exteriors, LLC takes every precaution and utilizes professional industry standard techniques in roofing, siding, window, and door installation and repairs. Our trained professionals will endeavor to install your project to ensure that no workmanship defect occurs. In the event of a possible problem, please notify Agate Exteriors, LLC immediately at 218.491.0935 or 651.998.4086. We will expediently come to the property address to inspect all complaints.